Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer is pretty much here...

and my knitting and crochet is in full force oddly enough.

Man, June's pretty much here already. I still feel like I just celebrated my birthday in December.

Due to some personal issues, I've decided to take off the semester and work. This has opened up alot of crafting time for me! To which I am very eager to have.

This past weekend I stood back and took stock of my projects. Some are new, some old.

Monkey by Cookie A. Knit with size US 3 DPNs and with Blood Orange - Heisenberg Sock Yarn from Nerdclub2000. I started them in like March but hadn't really had a chance to finish till now. The first sock was finished last week and I'm halfway through the second sock today thanks to a morning dedicated to cleaning and memorial day weekend trip to Six Flags over Texas.

Three more repeats and a toe and I got a second pair of handknit socks! I seem to be avoiding the Second Sock Syndrome pretty well.

Eva's Shawl by Milobo on Ravelry. Had to have a little crochet action going on. I wanted a airy shawl and the Girasole was going to my mother. Lace yarn from Knitty Dirty Girl.

Girasole by Jared Flood. Still in progress. Wasn't able to give to my mother by mother's day or her birthday but maybe I'll just surprise her one day at the high school where she works as the school nurse. I'll find some way to be funny.

We'll see how these go :)

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