Friday, January 16, 2009


So, beginning from July these are the things that have affected me. ARGH. Third picture is Mononucleosis. Yep, Mono. I had this from July to December. 6 MONTHS. And had to endure Hurricane Ike through horrible fatigue. I went to a PA, who, like other prescription-happy PAs decided to give me antibiotics for a viral infection. I told her my tonsils had been swollen for THREE months and I felt fine except for fatigue, and maybe I needed bloodwork. But she dismissed me with antibiotics. But finally, after waiting another month I got a doctor who actually suggested bloodwork. Fine, I just want to know what the hell I have. Mono? Cool, I can live with that.

The second picture is Staph. Had it on my right elbow so basically I could not operate my right arm. My doctor (or rather PA) had me on a wild goose chase with antibiotics and x-rays for a week. After that amount of time and the meds having no effect, my mother and I expressed it ourselves since it seemed like we were getting no where. 3 days later, we finally see a doctor who was going to do the surgery to express it. It had healed up well by her observances and informed us that had we not done it when we did I would've had to have a surgery and hospital stay. Needless to say, we won't be seeing that PA anymore due to this experience and my Mono experience.

The first picture is Mange. My dog got Mange and gave it to me. Great, when I thought I was well, here comes incessant itching. But I wasn't concerned for me since my baby was bleeding from scratching so much. The first vet dismissed his condition with "well, he IS a Cocker." She said staph with secondary yeast infection. It got worse and I got a second opinion which determined he has Sarcoptic Mange.

Do I have this aura in which people just dismiss me?


Wendy is... said...

Oh my...Looks like January isn't your month. Hope things get better for you and your puppy :).

Whisp3rd said...

Thanks! Everything is better, especially for my puppy.
Unfortunately I caught Laryngitis during spring break so not everything is fantastic lol