Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

My break has been FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC.

The only good thing about this week was that I got to see my SO. He got automatically accepted into his college of choice and I'm staying behind to save money at a community college and get my basics out of the way. It's been hard, but I'll be joining him soon.

We took a trip to Oklahoma to stay with his mother's parents for a bit. It was fun but SO's brothers decided to run the AC all night long. It NEVER turned off. I woke up to a vibrating air mattress because SO was shivering so fiercely.

I woke up the next morning with the most terrible sore throat. Later, I got dizzy and hypersensitve to everything so Tylenol was my best friend the WHOLE week. The day after I got back to Texas I completely lost my voice. I could say nothing above a whisper. Three days later, I went to the same doctor as I had for my mono, and staph infection, and found out I got laryngitis.

My mother and I were joking one day after I got over the scabies and saying that I am going to go to the doctor one and he's going to tell me I have Meningitis or something.
Well looky here! Not Meningtitis, but Laryngitis.

On the bright side, I recently attempted my first sock! My very first pair of socks! I can see why they’re so addicting and why the lone sock syndrome occurs so much. They are great but it does seem like alot of energy goes into them so I’ve already cast on the second pair to stave off the want to just leave it alone. I fear if I don’t completely finish the pair I’ll never want to finish the second sock of any pair ever.

There is something about the sock that my puppy loves. I couldn’t take a picture for the longest time because he kept licking my feet.

The sock yarn is from Pigeonroofstudios! I love it, fantastic colors!


Wendy said...

Those are so gorgeous. I haven't even attempted socks yet. Then again all I can do is basic knitting... One day...

Whisp3rd said...

Thank you!
These were really basic socks and the book I had was very good.

I thought they were going to be difficult but they really weren't. Going in with a mindset like that did screw me up though. But if you take it slow and remember there are PARTS to a sock you'll be fine. Gotta take it slow because you make the bottom before you're done with the top of the foot.