Monday, July 16, 2007


When I was in the 6th grade, I was in a class that at a specific point in time of the year would educate children in crocheting and sewing blankets for children in hospitals who need a connection in a not so comfortable enviroment. The organization orchestrating this activity was Project Linus. (ya know Linus from Peanuts? haha?)
Well being so young and not well taught I forgot all but a few techniques and had a giant ball of yarn for 6 years. I stumbled across a fantastic site called Craftster and saw a bunch of wonderful things I could create with this craft. Like making crochet cupcakes and scarves.
So now I am relearning this awesome skill and plan to do a lot. I don't know if I'll sell anything like I've seen plenty of people do but I will definately contribute to Touching Little Lives first. It's something I've been puting off for almost 7 years.
Good lord it's been a long time.

Today I got a hamster! A Winter White. Unfortunately I cannot play with the fellow because he might get Wet Tail, also known as diarrhea.
His name is Steve. I have a habit of calling everything Steve, but now I can actually call him that because I can keep him and pet him and love him. Unlike a spider :O

We had horrible storms just bombard us all day yesterday, but we got a real treat that afternoon. A rainbow! but not just one, two! It was a fantastic surprise because it was so defined and beautiful and you just don't get those in Texas. Took me back to my days in Hawaii.

And then I found a frog.

I named it Steve :D

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