Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ovaries :3

Pretty flippin proud of myself.
I finally completed a project! A hat from Stitch N Bitch : The Happy Hooker. Pretty satisfied other than the fact it's only 23 inches in circumference. So I'll have to experiment with this.

Wanting to make another with this fantastic yarn I just purchased. Waiting for it to come in.

It's handspun cotton ecospun vegan yarn from FeralFeminine.


This is the OVO. I had to laugh when I saw this because it reminds me of an ovary. An ovary with a polyp or something.

I had the hardest time in PetSmart trying to find a habitat for SuperSteve. It seems from the time I had last had a hamster (RIP Snowball & Pikachu) hamster technology has changed. There were habitats with an austrailian theme for the adventurous hamster, there was the Pink Princess Palace for the diva, there was the Dazzle for the hamster that enjoys his seizures and SuperPet CritterTrail X for the one who believes in life beyond the stars!

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