Monday, July 30, 2007


I was at the mall just getting my hair done for senior pictures and my mom asked one of the employees if she could recommend a place to do my eyebrows. I have FIERCE eyebrows apparently. Well instead of suggesting waxing at a nail salon she said there was a threading kiosk. 'Threading'? Sounds like some weird techinique to me.So when I got there I didn't actually think she would whip out a spool of thread! Well she wraps it around her fingers and twists it the middle. When she closes her fingers in a scissor motion the hair gets caught in the twist and is ripped out. THIS HURT LIKE A BITCH.And of course I was out in the open so everyone had to see me shaking like a kid with ADHD being restrained.


my eyebrows sting

but at least they look fabulous!

I'll probably do it again

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